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Spin Works Products

The HeatCor™ combines an advanced patented silicon carbide heat exchanging insert (HEI) with an integral burner to provide energy savings up to 40% in radiant tubes. A simple adaptation to your furnace that increases tube efficiencies to 80% by preheating air to 1000° -1100° F. This equally reduced fuels costs and lowers emissions. HeatCor™ works perfectly with SpyroCor™ to provide the benefits of both systems.
SpyroCor™ allows for temperature uniformity in the hot zone of the furnace. Since both legs of the tube are in heat transfer balance, the exhaust leg no longer acts as a “cold spot,” improving the overall quality of the product being processed. Making your furnace 12% more efficient by adding SpyroCor™ to your radiant tube furnace.
Our patented process allows us to make any drawing you supply out of silicon carbide. Do you have an old OEM that has worn out? We can make that part using this process. Check out some samples of unique shapes and call to ask for a quote.