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How It Works

The HeatCor™ combines an advanced patent-pending silicon carbide heat exchanging insert (HEI) with an integral burner to provide Efficiencies of 85% in a typical application.


  • Thin Wall Silicon Carbide for high temperature operation
  • Fully integrated burner and recuperator which provides a turn key solution
  • Helical Channels increase surface area to maximize preheated combustion air temperatures
  • Ideal for applications in Steel & Aluminum processing furnaces to reduce fuel consumption
  • Customized mounting for fast effective installs with minimal furnace re-work for a low cost, with minimal hassle to install.
  • No special control systems required which makes HeatCor a one-to-one replacement for standard burner-recuperator systems.


  • Reduced Fuel Use
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Increased Performance
  • Longer Life-Span over Alloy Recuperators

HeatCor™ in Action

200,000 BTU/Hr Input
1,000° Preheat

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