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How It Works

The SpyroCor™ System is installed in the exhaust leg of your furnace. The patent pending, multi-fin twist design doubles the amount of surface area available. Input into the radiant tube burner is reduced and the energy available to the load is maintained which results in fuel savings.

Traditional Radiant Tube Furnace

275,000 BTU/Hr (Input)

Radiant Tube Furnace with SpyroCor™

260,000 BTU/Hr (Input)


  • Made of durable thin Wall Silicon Carbide for high temperature operation
  • Twisted fins increase surface area in exhaust leg
  • Can be installed in “hot” furnace in minutes, saving valuable production time during installation
  • Ideal for applications in Steel & Aluminum processing furnaces to reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduces “Cold Spots” improving overall quality of product being processed


  • Faster Recycle Time
  • Reduced Fuel Use
  • Reduced Emmissions
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Increased Throughput
  • Available for Straight, U, W and Tri-Tubes